Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Samsung's First 1TB Hard Drive

Samsung's First 1TB Hard Drive

Computer-maker Samsung has announced that it is launching its first 1TB hard drive for laptops. The 2.5-inch hard drive, which is part of the Spinpoint-series, is being called the Spinpoint MT2 and it uses a 12.5mm form factor, as well as 333GB platters. If you need lots of storage space, this hard drive is your dream come true!

According to Samsung, the new hard drive works at 20% increased performance and uses about 4% less power than other similar hard drives currently on the market. However, reviewers say that the hard drive isn't very fast. It spins at just 5,400 RPM and features a last-generation 3.0Gb/s interface.

Even so, Samsung's vice president of storage marketing, I.C. Park, says the hard drive offers, "the largest capacity in what has previously been offered as an option for portable digital devices."

Generally, any hard drive that is part of the Spintpoint series features SilentSeek and NoiseGuard, which are used to drop noise levels during use. They also feature shock resistance of up to 400G while operating and 800G while not in use. You should expect these features in the new hard drive, along with Samsung's balancing technology, which, according to the company, offers "enhanced stability and reliability."

Unfortunately, with a thickness 12.5 mm, the hard drive is likely to present another problem: it won't fit into every laptop, so there may be a lot of disappointed people out there.

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