Thursday, December 20, 2007

New Dell Latitude XT Convertible Laptop - Now Available In US

Dell Latitude XT Convertible Laptop Dell's next generation laptop, known as the Latitude XT, is now available in the United States and is known as a convertible laptop. These convertible laptops designed specifically for the corporate market and other business applications.

The Latitude XT is powered by Intel Core 2 Duo 1.2 Ghz low voltage chip, and features a 12.1 inch display
that will allow the laptop to convert to a tablet pc. The laptop also comes equipped with 1 GB DDR2 ram and , in addition to the hard drive, the option to add either a 34GB or 64GB solid state drive.

With its 4 cell battery this laptop is expected to weigh about 4 pounds. The Latitude XT Laptops will have many different options as far as OS's, including Windows Vista Business, Windows Vista Ultimate, Red Flag Linux, and Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Laptop Rentals for Graphic Design

Graphic Design Laptops from RentOurLaptops.comGraphic designers have long had an affinity for Apple Laptops when it comes to personal computer of choice for their work, due in large part to the software that comes with the system. Apple long ago decided that they wanted to design their computers with the artist in mind, and it shows. With their iLife software, editing images, music, and movies is a breeze. Macs used to suffer due to a lack of processor speed, but they now have Intel chips which have solved the problem nicely.

Yet Windows-based PCs such as the Ultra-Portable HP P Compaq 2510p Laptop Rental have caught up to Macs in many areas and surpassed them in others when it comes to design. It's true, Windows isn't quite as artsy as OS X, but two of the best 3D design programs in mind, 3D Studio Max and Maya are not yet available on a Macintosh. Windows-based PCs feature ease of upgradability that is entirely lacking from Macs as well, allowing you to cherry pick and create the system you need for the task you want to perform.

In the end there are those who could argue all day and all night about Mac versus PC, Microsoft versus Apple, but the fact is that at this point in time both choices are equally viable for today's professional graphic designer or hobbyist. Adobe owns nearly every good graphic design software product available on today's market, and they all function well on both platforms. isn't going to tell you which is better because maybe the answer is both, what we will do is offer a full line of both Apple Laptop Rentals and Windows Laptop Rentals, and we'll let you decide which is best for you.