Friday, February 27, 2009

MacBook Air Hinge Defects: Warranty Covered?

MacBook Air broken hingeNow everybody knows that nothing in this world is perfect, but when you buy a computer, and pay good money for on, then you excpect it to be pretty close. You also expect for its little imperfections to at least be covered by a humble warranty.

The MacBook Air is no stranger to problems. Upon its realease, the MacBook Air was experiencing overheating problems which was not covered under the warranty. But now, the MacBook has an all new problem, one that is causing alot of people some severe frustration.

On each and every laptop there is a thing called a hinge. The hinge is the main piece of equipment that allows you to raise and lower your screen and holds the screen in place when you adjust it to where you want it. Now, if this hinge becomes damaged, our screen won't stay in place, rendering your computer basically useless to you considering it we don't have enough arms to type, use the mouse, and hold up a screen at the same time.

Reports have confirmed that with first-generation MacBook Airs, the hinges become loose over time and eventually catch and crack under normal use, meaning there was no repressed rage forcing the omputer screen around. Now while this is a mojor problem, you would think that Apple would have your back and help you out by covering this with its warranty. Nope! While looking at Apple reports about this problem, Apple claimed the broken hinge as an "accidental" occurence and would not support it under its warranty. If you call Apple and report this you will find out that Apple will fix it for a cost of around $800 - $900! For that much you're better off buying a new laptop. Apple is refusing to accept this as a manufacturing error and insists that the damages are caused by the individual owner. Needless to say if problems keep arising with the MacBook Air, Apple could suffer in profits.

Check out these videos to see exactly what I'm talking about.

Dell’s Inspiron Mini 9 now only $199

Dell Inspiron Mini 9 netbook$199 for a netbook, is Dell crazy? It is not too often you see a deal like this pop up, but it is true. Dell is now offering an Inspiron Mini 9 for only $199. This is an amazing deal even on a netbook. The specs are nothing to be bragging about, but for $200 all I would expect for my netbook to do was play music, movies, surf the web, email, and type up documents on.

Heres a quick Spec Sheet:
Black 8.9-inch netbook
1.6GHz Atom CPU
4-cell battery
4GB SSD memory
Ubuntu Linux Operating System

Also if you are looking for a little bit more out of your netbook Dell is now offering the Inspiron Mini 10 for $399.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Acer Aspire 6930G Laptop Review

Acer Aspire One 6930G LaptopThe Aspire 6930G is Acer’s Second Generation of the new 16:9 aspect ratio laptops. The Laptop comes with a long list of very impressive features and all at a reasonable price of around $900-$1000.

For starters let’s talk about the new innovative 16:9 aspect ratio. The new aspect ratio allows users to watch their favorite movies in full 1080p without adding any bars or cutting of any of the picture. The only downfall of this right now is some older games do not support the laptops native resolution and the 16:9 aspect ratio tends to bring up the price a little bit because it’s a newer item. Overall though you should really look to get the new display ratio because it makes watching movies and tv shows on Hulu a lot better experience.

The Aspire 6930G is also one of the better performing laptops you can find in today’s laptops. Depending on the model you can usually expect anywhere from a 2.0-2.4GHz Core 2 Duo CPU, 4GB of DDR2 Ram, and the best part is the 9600M GS Video Card. If you are looking for a laptop with a good dedicated Video Card you should really think about getting this one. The 9600M GS is not the greatest video card, but at this price you will be hard pressed to find a laptop with better graphics capabilities. The CPU and the RAM is nothing really new or impressive, but the fact is 4GB of RAM and a Dual Core CPU will be more than enough to run anything on your laptop.

The overall laptop design itself is very basic, but nice. Expect the normal fingerprints on the black glossy lid, also there have been complaints that the keyboard has to much flexing in it. Another really disappointing feature is the battery life on the Aspire 6930G with an average life of less than 2 hours. Overall this is a good laptop if you want to play any games on your laptop and it makes a good desktop replacement, but the short battery life will make you have to stay close to a power outlet.

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Monday, February 9, 2009

New Asus G50Vt-X5

Asus G50Vt-X5I just recently bought my first laptop yesterday. I didn't have a big budget and I wanted to keep it under $700. To get to the point I ended up with an Asus. Probably not one of the best known brands out there Asus still delivers good quality for an affordable price.

While browsing the internet and Best Buy displays I came across a new Asus Laptop whose look captured my attention first. The Asus G50Vt-X5 comes with a wide range of features at a price that doesn't burn a huge whole in your wallet.

The G50Vt-X5 comes with Intel Centrino 2 processor technology with interrelated Intel Core 2 Duo Processor P7450 Intel PM45 chipset, 802.11a/b/g/n network connection and extended battery life capability to let you work better, faster, and longer. If you need to multi-task then the G50Vt-X5 is perfect for you. It comes with 4GB PC2-6400 DDR2 memory with a 1066MHz frontside bus, a 3MB L2 cache and 2.13 GHz processor speed giving you blazing fast speed to handel multiple projetcs simultaneously, the Asus also comes with a 320MB SATA hardrive(7200 rpm) for more than enough storage with faster read/write times.

If you like recording movies and what not then you will be pleased to know that the Asus G50Vt-X5 comes with a Multiformat DVD RW /CD-RW drive with double layer support that records up to 8.5GB of data or 4 hours of video using compatible media, it also supports LightScribe direct disc labels using compatible LightScribe media. All that is made even better by the 15.6" WXGA widescreen display with a 1366x768 resolution that brings your games and movies to life! It also features a secondary OLED display that gives you notifications of instant messages or e-mails while playing a game.

Speaking of games, the Asus is definatley equipped for some gaming. Now while it isn't an Alienware, the G50Vt-X5 comes with the NVIDIA GeForce 9800M GS graphics card with 512MB of dedicated GDDR 3 graphics memory for a powerful graphics performance and an Azalia audio chip with built-in Altec Lansing stereo speakers and an HDMI output for an intense gaming experience.

Some other features include a built-in 1.3 megapixle webcam, facial recognition software, an 8-in-1 media reader, 1 IEEE 1394 port and 4 high-speed USB 2.0 ports, built-in 10Base-T/100Base-TX Ethernet LAN with RJ-45 connector, built-in gaming sidelights with color-coded keys for gaming, and Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium Edition 64-bit operating system.

You get all this and more for the modest price of $999. Overall this computer is great for basically anything you would need. Coming from someone who now has an Asus and loves it, this laptop is definatley worth looking into.

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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Dell Now Offers 100+ Skins On Studio Laptops

For the last couple of months now Dell has been offering customizable skins that you can put on your laptop to give it a unique feel that matches your personality. If you still are not sure what it is here is what Dell has to say about their laptop skins.

“Oil. Watercolor. Photography. You name it – you know fine art and quality technique when you see it. Think about it like a tattoo for your computer – it’s an impression in people’s minds! The vivid colors and photo-realism make the art come alive. Each image is permanently infused into the laptop display’s back, making it extremely durable. The look and feel engages – it becomes part of you…Now that’s self-expression with a technology twist.”

I personally have yet to see one of these laptop skins. I would like to see how much they really jump out and also to see if it looks awkward to see a giant mural on the back of your laptop.

Also they are not too cheap. If you want one done by an artist it will cost you $75 and if you want just a different color that will cost you $30. The only one that is free right now is the default jet black model.

To see all of the Studio Line designs click here.