Wednesday, June 30, 2010

HP’s Fourth of July Sales

hp salesHP is offering great Fourth of July deals early this year. They are now advertising their Compaq Presario CQ62Z series notebooks starting as low as $379.99. For that amazing price tag you will get Windows 7 Home Premium, 2GB of RAM, 320GB of hard drive, and a 2.2GHz AMD V-series processor. That’s a great deal!

They are also offering their HP Deskjet D2680 printer for merely $59.99 after instant savings. The printer prints 28 black and white pages per minute and 21 color pages per minute, and it features 600 dpi black print resolution.

If you are looking for a laptop or a printer this summer, you should definitely look further into HP’s great Fourth of July savings.

If the Compaq Presario CQ62Z isn’t exactly what you’re looking for, check out HP‘s new line of business laptops.

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Monday, June 21, 2010

Student Laptop Rentals 101

Student Laptop RentalsMany students know just all too well that being able to work and study while on the go can be the difference between a failing and passing grade. College is riddled with long bus rides, waiting between classes while on campus, pop quizes, cram studying, and long lectures. Put simply, students who are without a laptop are at a huge disadvantage to those who do. Many colleges utilize online interfaces such as BlackBoard to post lectures, assign homework, post grades, have discussions with those enrolled in the class via forums, and even register for classes. Students who attend colleges which emphasize online communications are often limited to only studying either at home or in a library when not in class, and must resort to copying down all notes by hand. As a student myself, I can attest to how helpful a laptop can be when attending college. In terms of being able to study whenever I want and typing up the notes by hand, a laptop is truly an educational lifesaver.

Unfortunately brand new laptops are expensive and quickly outdated within only a few semesters. Not to mention the possibility of theft while navigating around campus with thousands of other students. Luckily a Student Laptop Rental can be an inexpensive fallback for when cram season begins or a time intensive project falls on your lap in the midst of other assignments. These laptop rentals are available by the month, semester, or even year and are guaranteed to provide excellent satisfaction and aide you in your studies. Not only will you be saving money when compared to purchasing a brand new laptop which can run in the thousands of dollars, but you will also be ensuring that you have the means to study and work hard when it truly counts. All laptop rentals are booted with a fresh install and the data is completely wiped from the hard drive leaving you with a clean slate to do whatever you see fit with your laptop. Whether you decide to use your laptop for graphical design or for simply typing up papers and online research, know that a laptop rental will help you streamline your duties as a college student.

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Monday, June 14, 2010

Starbucks to Offer Free Wi-Fi

Starbucks to Start Offering Free Wi-FiStarbucks made a big announcement today. As of July 1st, the company will be offering free Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi will be provided by AT&T and is available for any Starbucks customer with the simple click of a button. Starbucks CEO Howard D. Schultz made the announcement today at a press conference in New York. According to The New York Times, he described it as "a way to bridge the online world and real-world coffee outlets."

Ironically, most coffee shops already offer free Wi-Fi. Starbucks is a little late to the game. Starbucks customers could buy and registered a Starbucks card that would allow them two hours of internet access. Beyond those two hours, or if you did not have the card, you had pay $3.99 per two hours.

On the other hand, the coffee shops who do have free internet access seem to be working on telling customers who use their tables as their own personal offices to get out sooner rather than later. Whether they are posting signs telling customers they must purchase something if they plan to stay or covering power outlets with tape so that people may not charge their laptops up, most less recognizable shops are doing just the opposite of what Starbucks is about to offer.

Currently, Starbucks says their customers usually use about an hour of Wi-Fi on average. They don't expect that number to change, even with the free Wi-Fi. Stephen Gillett, the chief information officer at Starbucks, as well as the general manager of Digital Ventures, a business unit created by Starbucks, will manage the network.

So, is Starbucks' move just a way to drive the economy? In January, after announcing a same-store sales increase of 4% after many months of declines, Starbucks said the improvements are due to its "role as an office for the unemployed." The company said many people use their stores as a place to work on resumes or work on freelance writing jobs.

In addition to the new free network, Starbucks is partnering with Yahoo to give customers more digital content. The Starbucks Digital Network will give customers free access to sites such as The Wall Street Journal, as well as allowing downloads from sites such as iTunes. Customers will also get content from sites such as Zagat, and Patch by AOL.

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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The New Kno Tablet

kno tabletOn Wednesday at D: All Things Digital another tablet made an appearance. This tablet is going to be targeted mainly at students and should be launched at the end of the year. It is being called the Kno.

The Kno is a touch-based device running on a Linux operating system. It is comprised of 14-inch dual screens with each screen featuring 1440 x 900 IPS display. It weighs about 5.5 pounds and has up to 6 to 8 hours of battery life. This amount of battery life may seem impossible for a dual screened tablet, but the CEO of Kno, Osman Rashid, said that each screen will have their own battery pack.

The Web-based operating system that the Kno will run on has been specifically designed around the use of touch. Rashid said, "We are not going to try to retrofit something, we are going to build it from scratch."

Kno is based in Santa Clara, California. It has 90 employees that have been working on the Kno tablet for about a year now.

As I said before, Rashid is targeting the Kno at students. He doesn’t feel that it will replace a laptop, but that it is a much more portable device to bring to class. He said, "We believe the laptop is becoming the new desktop," he said. "It is going to stay in your dorm or in your home. This is all you need to carry around."

Kno has not yet settled on a price for the tablet, but they are certain that they want it to cost well under $1,000. It will be interesting to see more details about the Kno as its release date draws nearer.

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Netbook or iPad: Which Do You Prefer?

Netbook or iPad: Which Do You Prefer?

CNET decided to ask its readers which they prefer: an iPad or a Netbook. According to the results, those who favorite netbooks did so for practical reasons, while those who preferred an iPad cited media-viewing capabilities and other novelties. Netbooks seemed to be the most favored. As the article points out iPads are newer and aren't exactly like traditional computers. So, whether or not the match-up is fair, is questionable.

However, most people are probably going to own either, but not both. Due to their size and ease of carrying, both are handy for travel or working on the go. And as CNET points out, neither one is exactly a laptop and neither one is exactly a smartphone. When the results were tallied, CNET posted some of the pros for each device. Here's a quick look at what all they found.


Netbooks were seen as "cheap" and "simple" compared to their Apple counterparts. As one participant said, "...while the iPad is interesting, I don't see it filling a need for cheap, simple computers, which can do everything."

Netbooks were also popular because the offer full keyboards and the ability to multi-task. A more tech-savvy reader stated that "app restrictions" at Apple make the iPad less open than a Windows-loaded netbook. One musician stated that USB and more driver support makes the netbook more appealing for him, and some readers would choose the netbook just because they are PC loyalists.


On the other side of the not-quite-a-phone, not-quite-a-computer device debate, some say the virtual keyboard works fine and that features like predictive spell-checking and 45-degree angle tilt help them type faster than they would on a regular keyboard. Some stated that maps are easier to follow on the iPad screen, and other insisted the iPad is better for travel due to its lighter weight and ease-of-use when looking for entertainment.

Many people cited various app-related pros for the Apple device and some say people just haven't given the iPad a try yet. As one reader put it, "...The iPad is different from a Netbook. Neither are appropriate for real computer work, but for using the Internet, mail, games, and/or light computing, the iPad is the better choice."

For more information on which device CNET readers prefer, check out iPad or Netbook?

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