Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Netbook or iPad: Which Do You Prefer?

Netbook or iPad: Which Do You Prefer?

CNET decided to ask its readers which they prefer: an iPad or a Netbook. According to the results, those who favorite netbooks did so for practical reasons, while those who preferred an iPad cited media-viewing capabilities and other novelties. Netbooks seemed to be the most favored. As the article points out iPads are newer and aren't exactly like traditional computers. So, whether or not the match-up is fair, is questionable.

However, most people are probably going to own either, but not both. Due to their size and ease of carrying, both are handy for travel or working on the go. And as CNET points out, neither one is exactly a laptop and neither one is exactly a smartphone. When the results were tallied, CNET posted some of the pros for each device. Here's a quick look at what all they found.


Netbooks were seen as "cheap" and "simple" compared to their Apple counterparts. As one participant said, "...while the iPad is interesting, I don't see it filling a need for cheap, simple computers, which can do everything."

Netbooks were also popular because the offer full keyboards and the ability to multi-task. A more tech-savvy reader stated that "app restrictions" at Apple make the iPad less open than a Windows-loaded netbook. One musician stated that USB and more driver support makes the netbook more appealing for him, and some readers would choose the netbook just because they are PC loyalists.


On the other side of the not-quite-a-phone, not-quite-a-computer device debate, some say the virtual keyboard works fine and that features like predictive spell-checking and 45-degree angle tilt help them type faster than they would on a regular keyboard. Some stated that maps are easier to follow on the iPad screen, and other insisted the iPad is better for travel due to its lighter weight and ease-of-use when looking for entertainment.

Many people cited various app-related pros for the Apple device and some say people just haven't given the iPad a try yet. As one reader put it, "...The iPad is different from a Netbook. Neither are appropriate for real computer work, but for using the Internet, mail, games, and/or light computing, the iPad is the better choice."

For more information on which device CNET readers prefer, check out iPad or Netbook?

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