Monday, April 27, 2009

New Mebius Netbook with a 4" LCD Touchpad

Mebius NJ70A NetbookOn paper the Mebius NJ70A from Sharp looks just like any other Netbook on the market. Its basically your average 10.1" Netbook with an Atom N270 CPU, Intel 945GSE Express Chipset, 1024x600 display, 160GB Harddrive, and a web cam. However, Sharp is adding something that you wouldn't normally expect on a traditional netbook, a 4 inch optical sensor LCD with LED backlight and a 854x480 resolution.

While the Netbook itself is pretty standard, its LCD multitouch trackpad has caused quite a buzz in the mobile world. The new screen works just like any regular track pad in that it allows you to control cursor but is much more interactive. You use either your finger or a stylus to write memos, e-mails, and short messages with handwriting recognition, play piano, zoom in and out of documents, watch video, and much more. As of now this Netbook is expected to ship during the month of June and will be available for purchase in Japan.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Wireless Now Standard With Laptop Rentals

Wireless Laptop Rentals

In order to keep up with the times people need technology that's able to keep up with them. This general need for mobile technology coupled with the fact that Technology Rentals are widely available for everyone has caused the popularity of Laptop Rentals to sky rocket. Whether you need a Laptop for an important business meeting, the ability to work from home, or simply to stay connected while on vacation then you should consider a Wireless Laptop Rental.

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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Dell introduces new Vostro laptops

Dell vostro 1320 laptop

Starting April 2nd, Dell will make available its new Vostro laptop model. Redesigned Vostro laptops include the 13.3-inch Vostro 1320, the 15.4-inch Vostro 1520, and the 17-inch Vostro 1720.

The new Vostro models are aimed at business users looking to take advantage of the built in videoconferencing software and webcam, which may be more attractive in today's economic climate where traveling is kept to a minimum.

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