Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Dell Now Offers 100+ Skins On Studio Laptops

For the last couple of months now Dell has been offering customizable skins that you can put on your laptop to give it a unique feel that matches your personality. If you still are not sure what it is here is what Dell has to say about their laptop skins.

“Oil. Watercolor. Photography. You name it – you know fine art and quality technique when you see it. Think about it like a tattoo for your computer – it’s an impression in people’s minds! The vivid colors and photo-realism make the art come alive. Each image is permanently infused into the laptop display’s back, making it extremely durable. The look and feel engages – it becomes part of you…Now that’s self-expression with a technology twist.”

I personally have yet to see one of these laptop skins. I would like to see how much they really jump out and also to see if it looks awkward to see a giant mural on the back of your laptop.

Also they are not too cheap. If you want one done by an artist it will cost you $75 and if you want just a different color that will cost you $30. The only one that is free right now is the default jet black model.

To see all of the Studio Line designs click here.


Spikee said...

I think it's cool to have some mural on laptop ;)

skins laptop said...

Laptop skin is the best way to keep my laptop unscratched and also protect it
from everyday wear and tear. The skin looks very cool and beautiful too.

skins laptop said...

Nowadays, everyone has a laptop and it’s safer to make sure your company computers are branded with your name or logo so you know what laptops are supposed to be in your office.

shopi said...

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