Saturday, July 10, 2010

Interactive E-Book for Kids on the iPad

qbook on ipadMany people are enjoying the fact that they can utilize their iPad as an e-book reader. It can be really convenient and sometimes easier to tote around than a book. Now, Kiwa Media has created their QBook interactive series of e-books that is specifically designed for kids. This series gives kids more than just something to read. It makes the whole experience more engaging for even small children since each story now becomes an interactive adventure.

You can purchase stories by QBook at Apple's App Store. The latest release for Kiwa Media's new series is a story called That's not JUNK. It is a story that is all about recycling, and it teaches kids the value of recycling. As mentioned before, the stories are interactive. That's not JUNK features Swipe-to-Read, this allows kids to read at their own pace; Touch-to-Hear, which lets kids touch than hear the words on the "pages;" and Touch-to-Spell, that helps kids improve their early language skills. Kids can decide whether or not they want to use Auto Play or My Narration when they read with QBook. Auto Play reads the story to your child, while My Narration allows your child to record themselves reading the story out loud.

With QBooks, children can see each page of the story in full color, or they can choose to use Paint mode which allows kids to color the pages of the story themselves with a variety of different colors and brush widths. Each page of the story also includes animation and different games that children can play. Basically, one single story has plenty of features to keep your child entertained for hours.

There are several different QBooks that are available from the Apps Store. They are available for iPad or iPhone. That's not JUNK is available now for $4.99. There is also a demo version of Sally Sloth Saves the Day that has just recently been released. Now the demo version only includes 5 pages, so if you get this demo for your kids, they may want to know what happens next in the story.

If you're looking for something to keep your kids occupied, QBooks from Kiwa Media are a great idea. They are fun, interactive, and even educational. For about $4.99 a story, you can keep your kids entertained for plenty of time. It's a great solution to keep the kids occupied on the go.

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