Friday, October 16, 2009

Sony VAIO X Series Ultra Thin Laptops

Sony VAIO X SeriesIt seems, in the computer world, that thin is the way to go theses days. When the MacBook Air was released by Apple, many of us thought that we couldn't get any thinner. well we were wrong. Sony's VAIO X Series of laptops has proved to be smaller, thinner and lighter than the MacBook Air. While looking at this laptop, you may notice the Intel Atom processor and compare it to be the same as other netbooks. However, this machine is something different completely.

How is this netbook so thin you may ask? Well for starters, the motherboard has all of its components soldiered onto one side of it. In addition to that, all the components are stuffed into the back of the motherboard leaving the front half to house the battery. This interesting choice of design has resulted in the thinnest machine on the market coming in at 16mm throughout. If you want to plug in an Ethernet cord, then you are going to have to the drop-down legs at the back of the netbook because the Ethernet connection is thicker than the actual laptop.

The keyboard has nice spacing, allowing you to easily type at speed. However, the keys only move a fraction when under pressure and don't have much space for travel which will not suit all users. The touchpad is tiny but responsive allowing precise control and the accompanying buttons are somewhat big and do not offer much movement. The X Series comes with an 11.1inch display which is expected for a mid-range laptop although this is better than nearly any one currently on the market. It has amazing color reproduction and comes with a 1366x768 pixel resolution.

Just like the VAIO P Series, the X Series has an Intel Atom Processor and came in at 2GHz offering enough power for most of your office tasks. It also comes with a 256GB solid state drive but only only has 2GB of memory. The X Series chassis is made out of carbon fiber which helps keep it light at a 775g. But this light weight comes at a price. The body flexes heavily under light pressure. But the carbon finish and glossy lid makes the device feel like a premium product.

The X Series is limited on ports having only two USB ports located on the left side of the device and one VGA and one Ethernet on the right side. Support for SD cards can be accessed on the front as well as a place for Sony's memory stick formats. The X Series has 802.11n Wi-Fi as well as Gigabit Ethernet and range topping models get 3G/HSDPA with the SIM card sliding in behind the battery. As soon as you see this thing your first reaction is going to be "whoa". It literally is that small. If you are a business man who values tiny dimensions as well as the lowest weight possible then the VAIO X Series is the exact laptop for you.

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Alex said...

nice laptops ,the best thing in these series that attracts me is it ultra thin body and its light weight