Saturday, October 24, 2009

Choose a Laptop with Microsoft's Windows PC Scout

Choose a Laptop with Microsoft's Windows PC Scout

Microsoft has launched a new website - The website features a flash audio guided tour, which is meant to help you find a new laptop. It takes you through three segments, including Laptop 101, Recommendation, and Selection. Respectively, in each segment, you'll learn everything you need to know about laptops in general, answer questions about what you need in a new laptop and get a few recommendations, and then you have the opportunity to make a final choice and purchase your laptop. The tour is not mandatory and you can skip any part or pause it if you need to come back to it later. Looking for a desktop? Check back later. Or says the male voice behind the website. Either way, you're out of luck right now.

If you already know what kind of laptop you're looking for, you can skip the first two sections and get straight to the selection part to choose your laptop based on a number of different categories. They are: price ($400 - $2600), screen size (8 - 19"), processor (1 GHz - 3GHz), RAM (1GB - 5GB), storage (50GB - 550GB), and weight (2lbs - 10lbs). You can also select whether or not you need an all around, mobile studio, movies on the go, power gaming, or work from anywhere laptop.

Microsoft claims the selection of laptops comes from a compiled list from Windows experts and the final selection has nothing to do with any sort of paid advertising. Right now, the website contains 46 various laptops, but more are likely to follow in the weeks ahead, especially with the release of Windows 7. The website isn't too detailed - your average computer user should feel comfortable with it, and the most tech-savvy folks probably won't see the need for it.

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