Wednesday, October 7, 2009

First Notebook with Dual Screens: ThinkPad W700 Rentals

Thinkpad W700 Rentals
Lenovo's ThinkPad W700 is the first notebook computer with dual screens. How does that work exactly? Well, it features a 10.2 inch display which slides out from behind a 17-inch widescreen. The editors at PC Mag rate it "very good" and use the term "supercompuer" in their review. It even won their Editor's Choice award in the workstation category.

It's heavy, but it's powerful - powered by an Intel quad core processor and a NVIDIA Quadro mobile graphics card - and it's got a lot of neat features. Those features include a Pantone color sensor, a Wacom digitizer that is made into the palm rest, dual 160GB hard drives and ISV certified graphics. It also has five USB ports, a FireWire port, a webcam, and a fingerprint reader.

While many notebooks are usually specific to one part of the population, the Thinkpad W700's features will accommodate anyone. Whether you are a gamer or business professional or graphic artist, this computer has what you need all built into one. While many workstations emphasize style over substance, this one takes the professional route and focuses on performance.

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