Friday, July 24, 2009

NEC VersaPro VS-7 Changing the Way We Look At Netbooks

NEC VersaPro VS-7

Netbook is not one of the most popular choices among laptops because they are heavy and clunky like an old combat boot; but the release of the NEC VersaPro VS-7 Netbook is changing the way we look at Netbooks. It’s sleek body that is only 15.8mm thick and nice sized slightly curved keys are made to hug your fingers and I have to say the traditional mouse is more of a preference for me as opposed to the touch pad.

As sexy and sleek as this laptop is, its not all about the outside, no, the VersaPro VS-7 Netbook has a beautiful inside too! Check out these specs:

• 10.6” 1280x768 Display (Glossy)
• Intel Atom Z540 (1.86GHz)
• Intel GMA500 Graphics
• 64GB SSD
• 15.8mm thick
• 725g (4-Cell Battery)
• Body capable of resisting 150kg pressure

I also want to make mention that even though the NEC VersaPro VS-7 Netbook is integrating an Intel GMA500 Video chipset that has the reputation of not keeping up the pace when it comes to watching high quality video or even HD video file but the VersaPro VS-7 installed with the CCCP Codec, took on whatever file and played them flawlessly even with Vista in a 720/30p DivX HD full screen playback.

Users that are into photography and graphics will be impressed to know that this baby can handle Photoshop CS3 with Bridge and performed as well as a Vaio G2 and is half the cost at just over $1000.

Unfortunately , for the moment the VersaPro VS-7 is currently only available in Japan but it is certainly something to look forward to.

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Yes Vesa pro is actually changing life of many people. Vesa pro is one of the tiny laptop that has changed life of many people.
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