Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Gateway's New LT2000

gateway lt2000Gateway has now introduced their second netbook, the LT2000. This extremely reasonably priced laptop is not only sleek and stylish but has some awesome features for the very low price tag.

The LT2000 is compact and considerably portable. It only measures about one inch thin and weighs a mere 2.62 pounds. The netbook is available in NightSky Black and Cherry Red and is engraved with the Gateway logo and chic sliver trim accents.

The rundown on all the features of the LT2000 are pretty basic but most people wouldn’t really need anymore than what Gateway offers. The netbook has a 10.1-inch TFT LED-backlit display that allows plenty of room for owners to view web pages, e-mails, digital media, documents, and more. Included in the LT2000’s slim frame is three USB ports, an Ethernet port, a VGA port, and a multi-in-one digital card reader. Also, the laptop is powered by an Intel Atom processor, has 1GB of memory, and has 160GB of hard drive space.

Some eye-catching additional features that would normally not be found in a netbook in such a low price category would include the integrated webcam and the awesome Multi-Gesture Touchpad. The Touchpad allows users to move around e-mails, web pages, documents, music playlists, files, and so much more in an incredibly unique way. To flip through pictures, all that you need to do is move two fingers across the touchpad. To scroll through web pages or music playlists, simply use a circular swirling motion on the touchpad. Along with many other unique finger motions that can be utilized on the touchpad, you can pinch inward or outward to zoom in and out of whatever application you might be using. I think its incredible that such a cool feature can be found on such a budget laptop.

With the cool design, standard basics, awesome added features, and low price tag, I don’t know how this netbook could be passed up. Gateway will offer the LT2000 for $299.99. After considering all the facts, this netbook is looking good!

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