Thursday, July 2, 2009

The HP Mini 110

hp mini 110The price of netbooks just continues to go further and further down. Each year they offer better parts and lower price tags. The new HP Mini 110 definitely carries on this pattern. It resembles HP’s Mini 1000, but has many improvements and a much lower price point.

On the surface, the HP Mini 110 looks almost identical to the Mini 1000 and the Mini 1000 Mi. It features a glossy black top embellished with chic gray swirls. As you examine the netbook closer though, you are able to distinguish a few external differences. The HP Mini 110 is thicker than its predecessors, measuring more than one inch thick. This added thickness, to make room for the larger feature set and new battery set up, barely adds any extra weight to the netbook though. It manages to weigh in at a very reasonable 2.6 pounds.

The 10.1-inch widescreen is now LED-backlit and comes with 1,204 x 576 resolution. It features speakers that have been built below the screen into the frame in order to keep them hidden behind the hinge. Other important aspects to consider include the Mini’s 92 percent keyboard and mouse buttons. It also has a VGA port, an Ethernet port, a multi card reader, a headphone jack, three USB ports, and a built-in webcam. The Mini has upgraded with a 160GB, 5,400-rpm spinning drive, with the option to upgrade for something even more powerful.

Another interesting fact is that the Mini now includes a third-party software application called Syncables. Syncables allows you to connect different machines on your local network and effortlessly share photos, documents, video, and music. You can even sync e-mail accounts from Windows, Mac, and Linux systems.

HP has definitely made some huge improvements with the Mini 110. It now includes a faster hard drive and a variety of new features. No its not the Dell Inspiron Mini 12 or the Acer Aspire One, but for the reasonable starting price of $329.00 it seems like a pretty good deal to me.


HP Laptops said...

Why did HP cose to make it thicker, when other are making them thinner? I guess, thinner is better.

Raven said...

Be aware that the hinges and battery clip shatter with normal use. The first Mini 110 lasted 2 days then the battery clip shattered for no apparent reason other than the lid was closed. The Retailer replaced it -- they'd experienced the same problem on display model. The second one lasted 82 days then when it was opened the right hinge shattered with such force it chipped the rear case. Then, the left hinge shattered when the lid was closed. Now, the only thing connecting the base to the lid are the wires that run thru the shattered hinges! Most disappointing, after waiting over 1 hour on HP Tech Support, the Hardware Support Tech told me it's not covered by the warranty -- without even seeing it. She told me I could pony up $290 and they'd fix it! For a machine that's retailing for $303! Unbelieveable. And, this is the machine HP is hanging it's hat on for "putting the personal back in computing." Yeah, it's personal alright but it ain't "computing" your getting. Your getting taken.