Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Dell Vostro V130: A Fancier Vostro

Dell unleashed a brand new Vostro today in the form of the Vostro V130, the latest and most stunning addition to Dell's Vostro lineup of laptops. The V130 is designed with the wants and needs of on-the-go entrepreneurs in its cross-hairs. This new device combines great style with reliable durability as well as top notch security as an added bonus. What is better about the V130 is that it is one of the thinnest laptops in the series, measuring 0.65", and also one of the lightest, weighing in at only 3.5 pounds.

There is a lot to boast about with the V130. The laptop is a 13-inch model constructed from sturdy aluminum which is reinforced with zinc hinges and a magnesium alloy palm rest. The V130 is also the very first ultra-thin laptop to offer Hyperbaric Cooling, allowing it to stay quieter and cooler than most other laptops.

To increase the productivity of the V130, the laptop is able to run Windows 7 with ease while at the same time performing everyday tasks effortlessly due to the new Intel Core ULV processor. The V130 also comes equipped with a full keyboard and a 13.3-inch HD WLED display as well as a host of other features. Users are able to choose their own level of 24/7 coverage with optional Dell ProSupport services and even Accidental Damage Services2. In addition to that, users can also get help with DellConnect 3. This allows tech-support agents to troubleshoot your system and even repair it remotely.

According to Vice President of Small and Medium Business Research at IDC, Ray Boggs, "Small and mid-sized firms are re-examining their IT needs and are ready to implement technology that gives them comprehensive access to all the capabilities they need, even while on the road. Notebook PCs are on SMB shopping lists in a big way as firms shift from desktops and implement product refreshes that have long been delayed. Dell continues to keep SMB needs in focus with effective design, connectivity options and more processing muscle."

The V130 is not only being hailed as an all around great laptop but also as the perfect laptop for small businesses around the country. The Vostro V130 laptop from Dell, being praised as the best in the entire Vostro series, cleans up a lot of issues people had with the first version, the Dell Vostro V13. Small business owners should definitely take a look at this device if an ultra portable on the go laptop is something they have been looking for. The Vostro V130 from Dell is available now for a starting price of $429.
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