Tuesday, November 2, 2010

ClickSafe Laptop Lock from Kensington

clicksafe laptop lock
Have you ever been concerned about the safety of your laptop? Well, Kensington has been providing computer accessories and peripherals to consumers since 1981 when they released their System Saver, a cooling fan and surge protector for the Apple II. The newest addition to their line of security devices is the ClickSafe Laptop Lock. Although the product may not completely prevent a thief from stealing your laptop, it will definitely slow them down.

So what exactly is the ClickSafe Lock you may ask? Well, its design is very similar to that of a bike lock. The outside is comprised of a hard plastic, while the inside is made up of a carbon reinforced cable. The ClickSafe weighs a mere 0.41 pounds and features a wire that can be stretched 61 inches. This allows you enough room to anchor the device onto a chair or table leg.

To attach the anchor the ClickSafe utilizes the case slot of a laptop. Attaching the lock is a single step process that gives you instant security. Unfortunately, some older laptops and a few newer ones do not support the case slot that is necessary to utilize the ClickSafe device. Most laptops support a case slot except, surprisingly, the MacBook Air and the Toshiba Portege R705-P35.

Along with the anchor and the cable, Kensington also includes two keys, a plastic holder for the anchor and small tool to screw in the anchor. One important thing to note is that you should probably register your two keys with Kensington because if you happen to lose them, it will be almost impossible to get the lock off.

As I mentioned above, attaching the anchor and the lock is quite simple. You even hear a “click” that allows you to know that your device is truly protected and safe. Once your laptop is locked with the ClickSafe and securely fastened to a sturdy piece of furniture, it is completely impossible to pry open the lock. The wire has even been tested to see if someone would be able to destroy it so that they could get away with your laptop. Scissors were able to easily cut through the plastic covering of the wire, but to actually cut the carbon cable itself would take hours of labor intensive work. To snap the cord it would be necessary to utilize bolt cutters.

Unfortunately, the ClickSafe Laptop Lock cannot completely guarantee that your laptop will not be stolen, but it will definitely give you some confidence in the fact that it will definitely make stealing your laptop a very difficult and tedious task. This key lock from Kensington may seem to be more focused towards business users, but the company has promised that they will be releasing a combination lock sometime this spring that will be designed more for the average consumer.

The Kensington ClickSafe Laptop Lock can give users added assurance about the security of their laptop. If you utilize you laptop often in public places, I think that it is a great idea to have extra security like a laptop lock. If you’re interested in making sure that your laptop is extra safe, the ClickSafe Laptop Lock could be exactly what you need.

The ClickSafe Laptop Lock is now available from Kensington for $69.99.

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