Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Rugged Notebooks' Eagle Series

Rugged Notebooks Eagle SeriesRugged Notebooks announced yesterday the Eagle Series Rugged Notebook for public safety, military and other demanding work environments. The Eagle Series has a lot of nice features including meeting FBI user-authentication guidelines for computers accessing National Crime Information Center (NCIC) data. Because of this the Eagle Series has a built-in biometric fingerprint reader as well as a SmartCard (CAC) reader.

Among the fingerprint and SmartCard readers, the Eagle Series also includes absolute Computrace in the BIOS for asset tracking as well as theft/loss recovery. This enables tracking of the device if it has been stolen or lost and remotely deletes any or all information stored on the computer.

There are also some Ruggedized features included into the Eagle Series. Some of these features include drop/shock/spill protection tested to United States Military 810F and 810G standards, a rubber Guard Protection System which protects the LCD screen from shocks, a lock on the DVD Super Multi Drive to prevent accidental opening, attached port covers to protect against dust and moisture and a sealed touchpad.

The notebook itself is 5.5 pounds and offers a 14.1 inch WXGA/WXG LCD screen, Intel Core 2 Duo processor, HDMI port and up to 8GB high speed 800MHz RAM. Users can get optional upgrades like a touchscreen display, a propriety transflective sunlight display for viewing in bright outdoors, 10/100/1000 LAN, RAID 0/1 dual hard drive for instantaneous backup, fully encrypted hard drive, broadband 3G, GPS, Bluetooth, Webcam, an RS-232 serial port and Windows 7 or XP Professional operating systems.

According to Alan Shad, President of Rugged Notebooks, "Our Eagle series is a new breed of rugged laptop, offering users a lightweight, high performance notebook ruggedized for tough conditions in the field while being fully compliant with the latest security standards. All these features and our premiere customer support are available at a price to meet today's restrictive budgets."

If a high performance laptop that can withstand even the military is exactly what you have been looking for then you should definitely consider the Eagle Series from Rugged Notebooks. The have the power to take anything you can throw at them, literally.
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