Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Dell XPS 14, XPS 15 and XPS 17 Leaked

Dell XPS 14, XPS 15 and XPS 17A slew of new laptops from Dell has, despite Dell's best efforts, been leaked to the public thanks to the chummy guys over at Logicbuy. They have a nice new trio of laptops from Round Rock, and the new Studio machines are conveniently dubbed as the XPS 14, XPS 15 and XPS 17. These pre-release leaks seem to be becoming a signature of Dell.

The three laptops are said to come with a whole lot of different features including anodized aluminum shells as well as brushed aluminum palm rests. In addition to that, the XPS 14, XPS 15 and XPS 16 are also supposed to come with NVIDIA Optimus switchable graphics, which lets you go up to the GeForce GTS 445M on the XPS 17, as well as options for Blu-ray drives, 16GB of RAM and Core i7 CPUs.

From the pictures of the laptops that are out now, it would seem that Logicbuy simply stumbled upon a few prematurely published Dell pages. This is good news, however. With these pictures surfacing like they are, it just means that Dell's launch date for the XPS 14, XPS 15 and XPS 17 isn't too far away.

This is good news for Dell lovers out there as they can get there hands on what appears to be a fairly decent Dell laptop in the near future. As this is leaked information, it is limited. There has been no leaked information on an official release date nor an official price for either the XPS 14, XPS 15 or XPS 17. But keep your eyes and ears open and keep checking back here periodically for the latest details.
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