Thursday, September 23, 2010

Store n’ Go USB Drive

store n' go usb driveVerbatim has recently designed a USB drive that can provide more functions than that of a regular USB drive. The Store n’ Go Clip-it USB Drive features a clip right on the drive. It is a great way to attach something like a business card or a folder of documents onto a presentation or other information stored on the USB. The Clip-it basically serves as a high tech paper clip.

Some may point out the fact that a USB drive is meant to eliminate paper documents, but Verbatim does not feel that this is always the case. The clip is simply an added feature that could really be useful in many situations.

The Store n’ Go Clip-it USB Drive will be available in either 2GB or 4GB form and will give you the choice of seven different colors. Pricing has not yet been announced by Verbatim.

I really feel that this is a very interesting idea. Although USB drives really do eliminate most paper documents, there are times that you simply want to attach a quick note or instructions to the USB drive. With the Clip-it, this task will be easy. It gives you the option to add anything you might want to send along with the device. If Verbatim isn’t asking a ridiculous price for the drive, I feel that it would definitely be a useful device to pick up.

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DavidM said...

I regularly give presentations where I have the data on a USB stick and notes or handouts on paper, so I could see the attraction of this.

As you say, it depends on the price. it's not something I'd pay a big premium for.

Anonymous said...

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