Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dell's New Inspiron Duo 10-inch Tablet

Dell Inspiron Duo 10-inch TabletWith the recent release of the iPad, companies around the globe have been working quickly to improve on the platform that Apple has jump-started. While there has been a lot of talk from different manufacturers out there, one company has produced a very interesting product that could very well best the iPad and take it out of the spotlight.

I'm talking, of course, about the new Inspiron Duo 10-inch Tablet. You may be asking yourself right about now, "What is so special about this device?" Well, does a 10-inch Windows tablet built with a dual-core Intel Atom processor and a full QWERTY keypad that can be hidden by a swiveling tablet display tickle your fancy?

If the answer to that question was no, then you obviously care nothing about technology and thus should leave this blog right now. If what was mentioned above made you sit up in your seat and go "Whoa!", then you are in the right place.

According to Dell, they are marketing the Inspiron Duo as a consumer device capable of delivering not only entertainment as a tablet-slate but also productivity as a clamshell. Dell also threw in that the Inspiron Duo runs Windows 7 Home Premium and can support "a variety of popular Microsoft applications".

The Inspiron Duo was showcased at the IDF 2010 keynote with the demonstration showing the device navigating Google Earth with very smooth rendering. The Inspiron Duo also showed itself off by playing back a stutter-free HD version of the classic movie Up and playing some games.

All this sounds pretty incredible, but history has shown us that when a company teases us with a product like this one, we can't expect to see it anytime soon. Well, Dell is throwing that legend on its head by stating that they confirm the Inspiron Duo will be available later this year. Unfortunately, Dell did hold a few things back like pricing and an exact release date.

If things keep shaping up like they are, the Inspiron Duo could very well come out to be an iPad killer. Keeping checking back here regularly for updates on this story and the Inspiron Duo.

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