Monday, March 2, 2009

New tablet pc/netbook with a detachable screen

Touch BookThe company Always Innovating has just released a new netbook that has a fully detachable screen that transforms the netbook into a stand-alone tablet.

The Touch Book truly looks amazing and innovative. It will come preloaded with a linux OS, and it will be the first netbook based on an ARM CPU, have an average battery life of 10-15 hours and $299 without keyboard, $399 with.

The NetBook/TouchBook or what ever else you want to call it will also feature a magnetic back so that you can mount it on a fridge. It also feautures a hinge that not only allows you to detach the screen, but also to swivel I completely around so that you can mount it up when you are for say on a plain and you can also swivel the keyboard all the way around so that it is hidden behind the screen.

Also make sure to watch the video to hear more about Always Innovating’s latest Touch Book, also there is a wonderful accent that is o so enjoyable to listen too!


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