Tuesday, March 3, 2009

MacBook Pro Goes Green

MacBook ProEverybody wants to be green these days in everything they do. They need all of their tools, clothes, food, and other things to be enviornmentally safe. Well thanks to Apple, now their laptops can be green as well.

Apple's MacBook Pro is designed with the enviornment in mind. First of all, the MackBook Pro is built with mercury-free LED technology and arsenic-free glass. The circuit boards, internal cables, connectors, insulators, shock mounts, adhesives, and other parts are all free of brominated flame retardents and polyvinyl chloride.

Th MacBook Pro is also highly recyclable. It uses a precision unibody enclosure that is formed from a single piece of recyclable aluminum. The display, as forementioned, is also recyclable. Since most batteries are designed to be replaced every couple of years, most of them are discarded. The battery in the MacBook Pro, however, lasts up to 5years or an amazing 1,000 charges!

EPEAT is the Electronic Product Enviornmental Assessment Tool. It evaluates the enviornmental impact of a product based on how recyclable it is, how much energy it uses, and how it is designed and manufactured. Every MacBook Pro has earned the EPEAT Gold rating, which is the highest. Few products recieve this rating and barely any are notebooks.

The MacBook Pro is also ENERGY STAR certified. The hard drive on the Pro spins down automatically when inactive and also decides whih processor, either CPU or GPU, to use that will work the best for a task which reduces energy. Other systems that reduce energy is the LCD screen, which dims when you enter a drakened room, a processor that throttles down between keystrokes, and it uses about one-third the power of a single lightbulb.

Needless to say the MacBook Pro is green to the extreme. Its so green even its packaging is enviormentally friendly. The boxes are made smaller. This may seem like a little detail but because the box is smaller it means that more can be put on a single shipping pallet which lets more pallets fit on a plane or boat which means less planes and boats have to go out resulting in less C02 emissions which makes the Earth just that much greener.

If your an enviornmentalist, a "green freak", or just want to make a difference then you should definatley check out Apple's MacBook Pro, the greenest notebook on the market.


Joshua said...

Yeah they are that too!
But for the most part, they are just the best friggin' notebooks around.

I love mine!

Laptop Bags said...

Yet another great reason to get one! Hopefully other companies will follow suit!