Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Netbooks Get A Much Needed Graphic Card Boost

Tired of your netbook sucking, well so was Nvidea and they have decided to try and do something about it by infusing its Gefore 9400M Video Card into its Intel Atom Processor and calling it the Nvidea Ion. So pretty much you get a small dedicated graphic card inside of your Intel Atom Netbook.

So what does this mean from a performance stance? Nvidea is promising 5x faster graphics and 10x faster video transcoding compared to a standard Atom powered netbook. It is also said that you will be able to play modern games like Call Of Duty 4 with a respectable framerate of around 25-30 fps. Nvidea has also reported that you will be able to play 1080p movies without any hassle at all and the Nvidea Ion will be able to handle Vista Premium and Windows 7. These are some high claims they are boasting for a graphic card that is small enough to fit in a netbook.

Well I guess no one will know till the Nvidea Ion first releases onto netbooks in summer 2009. Some more good news is supposedly you will not see much of a drop in battery life and the cost of this new chip will only raise the cost of your netbook by about $50.


Andy Wendt said...

COD4 at 30 FPS is far from OK. So in that regard this laptop would get a big FAIL.

alexjsolis said...

I'm actually surprised it can actually play Call of Duty 4, I think its pretty respectable that it can pull 30 frames. That is playable for some people.

netbooks said...

30 FPS for multiplayer might get a little frustrating, but the single player should be fine.