Monday, December 29, 2008

Laptop Sales Surpass Desktop Sales in 2008

Laptop Sales Top Desktop Sales In 2008For the first time in history, laptop sales have surpassed desktop sales. With the world's growing demand for mobility, the laptop has finally outdone the PC. Research shows that in the third quarter of 2008 laptop sales have increased by 40% compared to last year while desktops sales have fallen. The laptop wasnt predicted to outdo the PC in sales until around 2011, but with the momentum that the laptop industry has been building, its no surprise that the laptop is taking over.

Hewlett-Packard still holds the lead in notebook sales but Acer is becoming a big player in the market seeing as they have increased their unit shipment market share by 45 percent. Acer was the big reason for laptops outpacing desktops because in the third quarter, Acer shipped almost 3 million more notebooks than in the previous quarter.

It seems that we are entering a new age and thats the age of the notebook.


Woodio said...

I would speculate that the netbook trend pushed these numbers up. We will probably see these numbers hold steady since consumers can now get a basic laptop for as cheap as a basic desktop now.

Andy Wendt said...

If you can take a great notebook with you when you travel why not?

Laptop Computer Sales said...

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