Saturday, December 11, 2010

Chrome OS and Android

google android and chrome os
Some people may wonder what the difference is between Google’s Chrome OS devices and their Android devices. For the longest time, I really wasn’t exactly sure myself, but for right now, it seems that the biggest difference is simply a keyboard.

Google’s Chrome OS seems to definitely be much more directed at netbooks and notebooks, while Android seems to be much more useful for the company’s vision of tablets. Linus Upson, the engineer director of both Chrome OS and Android, said in an interview that the company views the Chrome OS as “very focused on laptops.” This statement basically means that devices with a keyboard will be receiving the new OS.

"From a Chrome OS perspective, we're open source, you can look at everything," continued Upson in the interview. "We've done a whole range of mockups across a wide range of form factors.

Continued here: What's the Difference Between Chrome OS and Android?

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John Beagle said...

Leave it to Google to target the future of web application devices. Microsoft's desktop domain is safe, for now. About as safe as Google search is from bing.

Anonymous said...

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nap company said...

@John Beagle

Iam Agree With you :-)