Wednesday, March 24, 2010

An Affordable Convertible Netbook Tablet from Lenovo

lenovo ideapadMany different companies make a variety of different types of netbooks, but not many have adopted the convertible tablet netbook that has been emerging recently. This is probably because is can be a very costly netbook to design and manufacture. Convertible tablets are comparable in weight and size to an ultraportable or thin and light laptop. They look pretty much like a traditional laptop except for the fact that the screen swivels 180 degrees and can fold flat over the keyboard of the laptop. You can utilize a convertible tablet netbook to navigate menus, documents, and Web pages all through the touchscreen.

It’s the rotating hinges and the touchscreen display that jacks the price of netbooks like this up. Pricing is one of the reasons that these netbooks have had trouble taking off, but Lenovo is now offering the IdeaPad S10-3t, which is one of the first reasonably priced convertible tablets to be made available to the public. If you’re at all interested in convertible tablets, the S10-3t is definitely one that you should look into if you aren’t interested in putting out $1000 or more.

I personally thought that the design of the S10-3t was very intriguing. It’s a little bit thicker and longer than most 10-inch netbooks, but this is necessary to accommodate the swivel hinge and the touch panel. The netbook weighs in at 2.9 pounds and comes standard with a 4-cell battery. Many may not like the plain design of the S10-3t, but I thought that it fit the netbook. It features a shiny black top without any fancy detailing.

I find the swivel touch screen to be extremely fascinating. When you rotate it the full 180 degrees, you can then proceed to lay the screen down flat against the keyboard of the netbook. How cool is that? Although many could say that this function is very similar to that of Apple’s iPad, the advantage you have with a convertible netbook is that you have the luxury of a keyboard whenever you want it which can come in handy. The screen on the S10-3t is 10-inches and features 1,024 x 600 resolution. When utilizing the touch feature, you solely use your finger, just like for the iPad or the iPhone. You can use one finger to navigate the screen or use two to pinch and enlarge photos and documents. Due to the fact that the S10-3t’s touchscreen is designed for you to use your finger, it does not feature the handwriting recognition capabilities that some tablets that use a stylus have, but it still performs every other function that you could need.

The keyboard on the S10-3t is almost full size and is very responsive. The netbook’s other features also include: 2 USB ports, a VGA port, an Ethernet port, an SD slot, built-in 802.11n Wi-Fi, 250GB of hard drive, a 1.83GHzAtom N470 processor, 2GB of memory, and Windows 7 Home Premium. A lot of these features can’t be found on most netbooks, so I was impressed.

I really feel like this is a deal if you’re looking for a convertible netbook. Lenovo ships the S10-3t out for $650. This is incredible, as most convertible netbooks start around $1000. I think with all of the features and the impressive price tag, Lenovo has hit a home run with the new ThinkPad S10-3t.

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Laptop webcam said...

I have good memories with Lenovo.Only good words, i must say.Nice article.Thanks for informing me.

Smidgen PC said...

I don't agree at all.

The Lenovo tablet is easily among the worst tablets I've used. The software is just plain terrible, the keyboard isn't that hot, and the entire package feels flimsy.

I think the Eee PC T101MT is a better netbook tablet in every way.