Friday, February 5, 2010

ASUS Eee PC 10008P

ASUS Eee PC 1008PThe 10008P has some new features about it and ones that will certainly make people take a second look at it. ASUS brought in a top designer to re-imagine the look of the 1008P giving it a Digi-Wave lid which resembles crocodile skin. The design gives it a higher-class look. The 1008P comes in a hot pink or matte coffee finish which may be less desirable to some buyers.

The Eee PC1008P is a lot thinner than most other netbooks on the market with a 1-inch thick chassis. All the ports are hidden behind rubber flaps. There is a mini VGA port on the left side of the device as well as a VGA adapter that pops out of the bottom of the netbook. All the other standard ports are located on the sides of the device though there are only two USB ports as opposed to the more traditional three.

The keyboard and touch pad is the same as the 1005PE. The popular rubber dot touchpad and chiclet keyboard are included as well. Viewing angles are still poor, even with the frame less 10.1-inch screen. Internal specs are basically the same as nearly all of the Pine Trail netbooks on the market with an Intel Atom N450 processor, 2GB of RAM and a 320GB hard-drive.

One of the biggest changes to the device comes with the battery. Due to the thinness of the 1008P, only a three-cell, 31Wh battery could be installed. This means your average battery life is going to be around 3hrs. On a positive not the battery is removable and you can pick up an extra one for around $50 though swapping them out on the go could prove to be annoying.

While the netbook looks great, it seems that the new looks came at the price of performance. The price tag of $499 seemed great at first until the specs came out. You would probably be better off getting a cheaper model that has slightly better specs but a less-than-desirable design.

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