Saturday, November 7, 2009

Prepaid Wireless Internet from Verizon

verizon prepaid wireless internetOn Thursday, Verizon Wireless announced that they will now be offering an on-the-go prepaid wireless broadband Internet service. The package will include the new Verizon Wireless USB760 to allow customers to access their Internet whenever and wherever. Users will be able to use this service on any laptop with a Windows, Mac, or Linux operating system.

There will be three different plans that Verizon will allow customers to choose from. They offer a daily, weekly, and monthly plan. The daily plan will cost $15 and will allow users to utilize 75 megabytes of data. This allows the user to send or receive 25,600 e-mails, download 500 Web pages, and send or receive 150 digital pictures. With the monthly plan, which Verizon will offer for $30, customers will be able to transfer 250 megabytes of data. This accounts for the sending or receipt of 85,300 e-mails, the viewing of 1,700 Web pages, and sending or receipt of 500 pictures. Finally with the monthly plan, users will be able use 500 megabytes of data usage for only $50. This will allow them to send or receive 170,000 emails, view 3,400 Web pages, and send or receive 1,000 digital pictures.

Before releasing this new prepaid plan, Verizon offered a contract wireless broadband service that is still available. Customers could choose between the $60 plan that allows users to utilize up to 5 gigabytes of data or a $40 plan that allows up to 250 megabytes of usage.

The new prepaid wireless modem will be available for purchase on November 16th at many Verizon Wireless Communications stores and Best Buy locations. If you’re looking for a reliable on-the-go wireless Internet service, I don’t know where better to look than Verizon Wireless.

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