Monday, September 7, 2009

New Apple Tablet

New Apple Tablet

Steve Jobs is back to work at Apple, just months after having a liver transplant, and sources say he is spending most of his time focused on the company's new tablet device. According to the Wall Street Journal, the team of people working on the tablet are under much scrutiny from their company's CEO. The article also states that this is the third attempt at the tablet, the first one failed due to a low battery life, the second one due to insufficient memory. Jobs, himself, has confirmed that most of that information is correct, but didn't specify any details. There is still no word on when an Apple tablet might actually become available to the public or what kind of impact it will have but if the success of Jobs' last pet project - the iPhone - is any indication, the tablet could change the way many people view technology.

There have been many rumors about the Apple tablet in recent months. Some say a September unveiling is in the works, others say November and some say not until 2010. A report from Barron's claims the device will be marketed for mostly media play (with an Apple TV tie-in) and gaming. Regardless of when and what, there is no doubt the rest of the industry is waiting to see what exactly Jobs and Apple have planned.

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uriel_posselt said...

I mean I still remember when Steve Jobs came and show us, we have an ipod, a phone, internet device, then again we have an ipod, a phone, and a internet device. I mean that was totally, my mouth fell down. I know he will come out with something more than great..