Sunday, May 31, 2009

The New Revolutionized MacBook

new macbook The new and improved MacBook is certainly one of the sleekest most well designed notebooks I have ever seen. It has revolutionized the way notebooks are designed with its seamless covering made from a single sheet of aluminum. This allows for a remarkably noticeable difference in the weight and size of the laptop. The whole enclosure is lighter and thinner than the previous MacBook and just seems to have a more sophisticated air about it.

The MacBook embodies many other incredible qualities. The keyboard is crisp and wonderfully responsive, and comes with the now standard feature of illuminated keys. The trackpad on the MacBook has currently been engineered not only to assist in navigation, but also to double as a button. By pressing down on the trackpad you can easily click on anything you need to select. Also, the MacBook now features Multi-Touch gestures. Use two fingers to scroll up and down the page, a pinch to zoom in and out, three fingers to flip through photo libraries, a four finger swipe to switch between open applications, or a variety of other gestures to assist in your computing experience.

The MacBook also features built in wireless capabilities, ultrathin 13.3-inch LED backlit screen, Intel Core 2 Duo processor, tons of memory, and up to 5 hours of wireless productivity. I believe that this notebook is obviously a huge advancement in the field of laptops, but the draw back is the price. Starting at $1299, these notebooks are on the pricey side. Of course you pay for what you get. This is a technological masterpiece and contains many incredible features. You will not be disappointed with the quality or let down by the advancements of the new MacBook. I guess you just need to decide whether the amazing new features of the MacBook are worth the price tag to you.


17 Inch Laptop Bags said...

I love Apple products. Ever since I purchased a 30G iPod and checked out my friends iPhone I have been hooked on them! I wish I could afford the MacBook.

redhotchilly12 said...

Great laptop models here. Thanks for posting this one here. I’ve looking for this kind of laptop ever since and I am glad that I have found it here in your blog. Keep it up! More Laptop info's here.