Friday, January 16, 2009

Alienware - New M-17 Notebook

Alienware M-17 Gaming NotebookThe leading maker of gaming computers has always been Alienware, and their new M-17 notebook stands above the rest. It has the first ever mobile quad-core cpu, giving the M-17 extreme power and speed. The M-17 is also equipped with ATI CrossfireXdual graphics, which is a first for Alienware. TheClearview 17-inch, high-def 1200p LCD ranks the M-17 in the top for highest quality, and with its 1TB of memory this baby can hold a ridiculous amount of games, full-length movies and songs.

If you've ever wanted to see technology straight out of the movies then the M-17 delivers: with a finger print scanner and facial recognition software, there will be no remembering passwords with this laptop. The price may seem steep, but it would be money well spent with all the crazy new features the new M-17 has to offer.


Andy Wendt said...
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Andy Wendt said...

For what you get the price is not that bad. 1TB of storage is the largest I have seen in a laptop.