Friday, October 31, 2008

HP Mini 1000 Reviewed

HP has just released a new Mini PC. With the market already flooded with Mini PC’s it is very hard to make yours stand out from the rest of the crowd. The new Mini 1000 has a lot to offer though. It has made a lot of improvements since its last mini PC that hit back in the spring time. Here is a quick list of the specs the new Mini 1000 has to offer.
Spec Sheet:
Model: HP Mini 1000
Starting Cost: $399 (Recommended Config: $525)
Operating System: XP SP3
CPU: Intel Atom Processor 1.6Ghz
Display: 8.9” or 10.2” (1024 x 600)
RAM: 512MB or 1GB DDR2
Hard Drive: 8GB or 16GB Solid State Drive or 60GB 4200RPM PATA HD
Battery: 3 Cell Lithium (Battery Life 3 Hours )
Weight: 2.4 Pounds

The new HP Mini 1000 was a huge improvement over their last mini notebook. It comes packed with a sleek black look with a swirl design that does not show up fingerprints. It also comes with a very spacious keyboard and the notebook is light enough that carrying it will never become a hassle. HP also was able to finally upgrade to the new Intel Atom processor and the notebook also supports an amazingly large Wi-Fi range. There is a few cons we have to point out though. The 3 cell battery was a disappointment, but HP has given word that they will be upgrading the battery to 6 cell around January next year. Also the boot time and transfer rates a fairly slow with the 60GB hard drive because the hard drive runs at a slow 4200RPMs. Overall the HP Mini 1000 was a good Mini Notebook and at a reasonable price of around $400-$500 you really feel that your getting your moneys worth.


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HP did a good job. i am interesting for this a new Mini PC. looks nice.

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