Monday, September 8, 2008

Asus Releases New 15 inch Gaming Laptop

Asus G50VAsus has brought it upon themselves to offer one of the first budget gaming laptops out on the market right now and after looking at the specs you could argue that it is the best deal out there right now. The new gaming laptop is called the G50V and it is well equipped to handle any of the latest pc games. Heres a quick spec sheet to show what all the Asus G50V has to offer:

• RAM - 4GB DDR2 800
• CPU - 2.53GHz Intel Core 2 Duo T9400
• Video Card – 9700M GT 512MB DDR3 memory
• Hard Drive – 2 250GB HDD’s for a combined total of 500GB
• Blue-ray-player (optional) – Raises price to $1,899 and reduces hard-drive space to 400GB

Total price for a computer with these specs is only $1699. The Asus G50V looks to be a bargain compared to similar products from Alienware and Dell’s XPS line. The only drawback is a 15inch screen; hopefully another model will be released later with a 17inch screen upgrade. As far as the graphics card is concerned it might not be a 9800 series card, but it is a lot better than the 8400m and 8600m series. Overall the laptop looks to be a nice mid-range gaming laptop.


Anonymous said...

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