Wednesday, August 13, 2008

New Dell Laptop Offers up to 19 Hours of Battery Life

Dell Latitude LaptopIn recent discussions with many of Dells customers, the Senior Vice President for business products group, Jeffrey Clarke, revealed that the number one priority customers looked for in a laptop was extended battery life. In order to meet these desires in a laptop Dell has completely redesigned the Latitude product line and has developed a new power cell technology that will allow the new Latitudes to run continuously for a minimum of 10 hours, and up to 19 hours while unplugged.

This new battery life technology will be implemented in all seven of Dells new laptops, but as expected the battery life will differentiate between models due to different screen size and other factors that will change from model to model. However, Dell promises at least 10 hours of battery life with up to 19 with their new technology and has created quite a buzz around their new line of laptops.

It has also been revealed that within the next coming weeks there will be an ultra-portable version of the laptop called the Latitude E4200.

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Chuck said...

19 hours is sick...I can barely get my cell phone to last that long these days...