Monday, June 23, 2008

Toshiba uses SpursEngine on Qosmio Notebook

The SpursEngine, which runs at 1.5GHz and 10 - 20 watts, is a multimedia co-processor derived from the Cell chip that powers the PlayStation 3. The co-processor does not replace the main processor in the computer, but runs alongside it, using its processing capabilities to boost the computers video-processing ability.

The Qosmio G50 and F40 will contain the chip. The chip will be called upon for process-intensive tasks like processing high-definition video. Toshiba says the new laptops will be able to upscale standard-definition video to high-definition video. On top of it they will be able to encode in ways that cut down file size by one-eighth and DVDs burn in half the time of current machines.

In a demonstration by Toshiba, a laptop with the SpursEngine had facial recognition for users that were in front of the laptop. It then applied makeup and hairstyles to the user. Whichever way the user turned, the makeup and hairstyles stayed and moved with the user. A second demonstration used the SpursEngine to search a video and break it up into scenes based on facial expressions.

These new laptops will be great for people who do video editing and do a lot of intensive video-processing. Toshiba intends to put the laptops on sale overseas but has yet to announce their availability.

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TechBaba said...

The Qosmio G50 and F50 series products can perform diverse kinds of image processing with the SpursEngine SE1000. They feature the (upconvert) capability that supplements the image quality of SD video and converts SD video into HDTV video in real time. Its Cool.