Friday, April 25, 2008

Dell Revamps Laptop Line

Dell LaptopHaving fallen behind in the market share of laptops, Dell has decided to completely revamp and redesign their laptop line. Dell expects to increase their laptop portfolio by 50% and become a major competitor in the industry. As part of this, Dell has decided to remake the Vostro Laptop Line and has introduced two new models. The 13.3 inch Vostro 1310, and the 15.4 inch Vostro 1510. Dell has also redesigned its Vostro 1710 laptop as part of their process and push for more mobile devices.

The laptop market is one of the fasting growing industries right now with the desktop industry being nearly static. Technology is moving more towards mobile flexibility and one of the hottest items on todays market is a temporary laptop rental. With Dell announcing their new laptop line we expect to receive many requests for Dell Laptop Rentals.

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